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Mesh polypropylene bags, also known as mesh woven or leno bags, are traditionally used for a variety of products that require breathability. Mesh bags are great for an assortment of produce from fruits & vegetables, to nuts and firewood.

Perfect for bagging seed, feed, oats, pre-mix, minerals, fertilizer, mill run feed, cracked corn and more. Contact us to help you fulfill your bagging needs.

We carry a variety of sizes and colors of polypropylene woven bags and sand bags. Ask about custom sizes.

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) or Bulk Bags are a great source for hauling large loads of powder, resins, grains, nuts, beans, seeds, minerals and much more. 

Designed for road protection during construction, these quality curing covers are available insulated, laminated, and plain burlap. Choose from stock or custom ordered sizes. 

Made from the woven fibers or the jute plant, burlap cloth is constructed in different width and weights with many different applications from bags, balling roots, ground covers to wind breaks. We offer an array of pre-made and custom sizes.

We provide landscaping, nursery, and gardening tools and supplies from the novice to the professional. Ask us about our Braun Wire Baskets, WW spades, and vast pruning tools such as Grow Tech, Corona and Felcro.

From twine to tape, sewing machines to staples. Contact us for your supply needs.

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