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We have a variety of quality nursery, landscaping and gardening tools. Please call us today for pricing and availability of our large inventory of Felco, Corona, True Friends, ARS, Grow Tech, King of Spades by WW, Mfg, Bond and more!


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Known worldwide as unsurpassed leaders in the manufacturing of pruning, cutting and sharpening tools; made to last and give satisfaction for many year of intense use. FELCO tools are made in Switzerland  with decades of quality workmanship, with the professional in mind. Visit Felco.com to find your right fit!



Since 1876, ARS Corporation has been defining the state of the art for pruning tools. The tools are sharp, engineered to hold their edge longer, lightweight, well-balanced, and durable. ARS tools are designed for continued professional use with minimal maintenance required, allowing you to spend your time focused on the task at hand rather than on your tools. Visit www.growtech.com today!

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